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Pussy Riot & Gremplin
Riot Girls
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Dynamic NFTs are cute.

Some sneak peaks into RIOT GIRLS mechanics:


Some of you will receive cops instead of riot girls. wtf?
Riot Swine
If you get a swine nft, you shall burn it. In exchange you'll receive a rare female AI nft. note: the quicker you burn a pig, the more rare the AI NFT. in 7 days all pigs will burn themselves and turn into female AI.


some of you will get an artificial womb with a fetus. if you hold an artificial womb for 9 months, it produces another nft, a baby girl.
Riot Baby


if you get an older, evolved lady, simply congrats! they're the rarest.


in a similar fashion with Toadz, RIOT GIRLS consists of two styles: generative pieces and 1/1s.


mint price is 0.222 eth.


we prioritize members of our community: ACAB, EDEN and PUNISH holders mint first (the 1st white list tier) on February 15th, the 2nd tier opens February 16th to community partners and contest winners, and then public mint will open after Tier 2 closes

Tier Breakdown

Riot Girl

cute facts about the collection:


This is the first nft collection that represents women of different ages.


the first nft collection that acknowledges non-carbon-based women-identified life forms, such as female AI.


RIOT GIRLS promotes the development & mass adoption of artificial wombs that will allow to ease reproductive labor and leave a choice up to every individual who considers having a child whether she prefers to carry a child in her body or in vitro, using an artificial womb.


RIOT GIRLS holders have an exclusive access to the very first PUSSYVERSE event at SXSW 2022.

Molotov Cocktail Bottle
Hand and Lighter